Monday, November 28, 2011

haih. rinduuuuu dah :')

spnjg cuti weekend di habis kn bersame si polan rmbut karpet n si polan sentap.

rse cam da basiiiiii thp maximum daaaaaa...

aish, tp tetap berpegang tegoh kpd moto inih : "Allah is saving me for someone special.."

so, aku akn bertahan! bertahan!! bertahan!! bertahan!! 

yes, i can do it. coz Allah believe in me, that's why He gave me such test. teeeheee!

*but sumtimes the rinduing part is just so uncontrollable. bcoz im weak & fragile, in a way that Allah wants me to ask Him the strength, and talk to Him to get the motivation.*


-thnks Allah-
p/s: to mom n dad, i'll replace the moments for only us in it, next 2weeks, ya. inshaAllah...

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